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Collectible Famous Fashion Dolls, Crime Fighters and Space Character Dolls Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! BuzzFeed As Is Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and.

QUIZ: Which Bratz doll are you, really? 7 May 2020, 16:40. Picture: MGA Entertainment By Katie Louise Smith @_katesss. I'm suuuuuuuuuch a Cloe. People of the universe, the time has come to find out EXACTLY which Bratz doll you are. In case you're not familiar with the iconic Bratz, let us fill you in real quick: There's four main girls; Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha. Each of them have their own. What Would Your Bratz Doll Look Like According To Your Face? See what you'd look like as a doll! | You bored? Let's Vonvon Personality Bratz Doll Youbratz Report. Add to library 3 » Discussion 9 » Follow author » Share . What type of bratz doll are you. Kaleigh. 1. 15. If you see a puppy that is lost and needs a home you will do. I am more like a cat person but poor puppy Need to save the puppy because it needs a home! Oh no what am I going to do! Lets put on some music to cheer it up! « » Log in or sign up. Wanna know which Bratz doll you're most like? Take this quiz! Take this quiz! What's your hobby? What do you care most about? What relaxes you? What do you want from a guy? Favorite color

Have a look around and see what we're about. Quiz topic: Which bratz doll am I most like. Trending Quizzes. Which Avatar: the Last Airbender Nation do you best fit into? Which ancient philosopher do you think like? Which Death Note character are you? If you woke up as a girl quiz. Special Feature . Try the top political quiz on GoToQuiz to find where you fall on on multiple axes, then compare. Which of the Bratz girls are you most like? 10 Comments. Cloe, Sasha, Yasmin or Jade? Which Bratz girl are you? Which one matches your personality, if you want to know if you're a drama queen, or a bossy diva, or a quiet pretty princess, or a chilled cool cat, then find out by taking this quiz Looking like a Bratz doll means you are GORGEOUS, you look like a model, and PHOTOGENIC. When they said that you look like a bratz doll, that means that they love you look, and that's why you were..

I don't think you look like a Bratz doll in the third and fourth photo's, However with all of the make up your wearing and the facial expressions and poses you are making in the first two photo's.. What celebrity do i look like? Try to find out! Celebrity look alike face-recognition system. Find your doppelganger. Celebrity look alike application. Select Upload a pic. Again Share results OR USE ONE OF THESE. Use Photo 1. Upload a photo. There should be only one person in the photo.. How to Be Like a Bratz Doll. Want to be a slut - oops, I mean the classless form of Barbie - oops, I mean Bratz doll? Then you've come to the right place! Steps 1. First, become really skinny. You need to be skinny enough so that you can see your collarbones and ribcage. (Note: I am joking. Please, please don't ever look like that, it's unhealthy.) 2. Second, dye your hair some unnatural color.

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- Developed on: 2007-03-15 - 95,115 taken - User Rating: 3.8 of 5 - 568 votes - 28 people like it Which Bratz girl are you? Are you Jade, Sasha, Chloe, or Yasmin What happens when you take away the impossibly long lashes and neon lipstick from a Bratz doll? Well, she looks a lot more like a real person. Tasmanian artist Sonia Singh decided to give makeunders to Bratz dolls she collected from local shops. She removed their makeup, styled their hair and dressed them in clothes made by her mom. The results are dolls that look less like overdone '90s pop. Jade, Yasmin, Sasha, and Cloe get the hot gossip for their teen magazine, but which one are you most like? Take this quiz and find out

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  1. Was es vor dem Bestellen Ihres Which bratz doll do i look like zu beachten gilt! Herzlich Willkommen zu unserer Analyse. Unsere Redakteure haben uns der Mission angenommen, Produktvarianten unterschiedlichster Art ausführlichst zu analysieren, sodass Sie zuhause problemlos den Which bratz doll do i look like bestellen können, den Sie zuhause haben wollen
  2. People Are Doing Their Makeup to Look Like Bratz Dolls, and It's Honestly Impressive By Abi Travis. Share on Facebook. There have been so many different makeup trends over the past few years that it's honestly kind of hard to keep them all straight. Remember squiggle brows? And braid brows? And NOSE HAIR EXTENSIONS? Makeup trends have been around forever — we all remember the body glitter.
  3. She told Fabulous: I want to look just like a Bratz Doll as I think they look amazing with their big lips and high cheek bones. I have had Botox every month for the past 10 years but I need my.

She really does look like a human Bratz doll. I love it @zonniquejailee ' and a commenter said: 'Oop, not them thinking I actually do makeup.' View this post on Instagram. army bratz doll hair extensions: @purpleluxextensions. A post shared by Zonnique (@zonniquejailee) on Oct 6, 2020 at 8:35pm PDT. Someone else said: 'Actually, I did not, but thanks for letting me know. The Bachelorette's Angie Kent claims she looks like a Bratz doll as she discusses her love of Botox. By Jessamy Tredinnick For Daily Mail Australia. Published: 22:19 EST, 21 May 2020 | Updated: 02.

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These Bratz costume ideas will show you how to dress like a Bratz doll for Halloween. Whether you grew up in the early 2000s or not, Bratz dolls are an iconic toy that brought high fashion to toys. Decked out in mini-plaid skirts and berets, Bratz are known for their glitz and glamour. Here at CF, we are big fans of cute Halloween costumes. Even though you already dress cute throughout the. Do I look like a Bratz Doll yet? (20 F) Close • Posted by. Not-Verified. 2 minutes ago. Do I look like a Bratz Doll yet? (20 F) 1 comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in. Bratz are controversial dolls that are Barbie's rival in sales. Bratz are made by MGA Entertainment and are represented to look like teenagers along with the Bratz Boyz. They were canceled in. Create-a-Bratz is a big project in cooperation with Target. You can choose between 20 different dolls and over 60 fashion pieces and create your very own Bratz doll. One doll costs$51,99 and comes in her own special box. Notes You can choose one top, one bottom, one pair of shoes, one dress and one jacket for each doll., Buying any of the fashion pieces individually is not possible., Non of. Got told on a previous post that I looked like a bratz doll, so I figured I would embrace it! FOTD. 1 1 2. 187 comments. share. save. hide. report. 90% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. View discussions in 3 other communities. level 1. 1.2k points · 6 months ago. This is the BEST I've seen yet if the Bratz trend. level 2.

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i have been looking for a doll that looks like me in every doll line there is for five years. when my friend told me about this website i was so exited so for one more year i searched and prayed it would work but it didn't. i was 11 in 2016 so i coudn't have permisson to contact the company. the reason i wanted a doll that looked like me is becuse for once i wanted to have a special friend. Which Bratz Character are you? 1. 9. What's your favourite colour? Turqoise. Earthtones. Red-Violet. Green « » Log in or sign up. Show discussion 10.

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Celebrity Quiz - What Celebrity Do I Look Like? Question 1 from 12. 8.3333333333333% Complete. What is the color of your eyes? blue. green. brown. grey. Your result is loading... Only 5 Seconds left. Other tests. Baby Gender Prediction - Will You Have A Boy Or A Girl? Ads. Could you be a model? Never Have I Ever Questions Heaven or Hell? What is your Destiny? Ads. Other tests. Can you. What will you look like as an anime character? Okay, lets start! What is your favorite color? Blue. Pink. Green. Purple. Red. Yellow. Cyan. Black. White. None of these! Choose a dream from here. 0%. 0. Live in a unicorn fantasy land. 0%. 0. Be a sports legend. 0%. 0. Be made of icecream. 0%. 0. Be a dragon. WITH or WITHOUT respect, what would you do if you saw a neko? Pet it. KICK IT . Throw. Allie In The Vallie(@allie.cosplay.etc) has created a short video on TikTok with music here u can junko pose to this. Why do I look like a BRATZ doll?

23/abr/2018 - 12.3k Likes, 50 Comments - Parker Kit Hill (@parkerkithill) on Instagram: whY DO i LoOk liKe a BRATZ doLL??!!¿ Mais informações Encontre este Pin e muitos outros na pasta threads, f de savannah walker Bratz doll inspired makeup is a thing and the 00s are officially bratz doll makeup is a lot more than just an instagram trend bratz dolls inspired make up people are turning themselves into human versions of bratz dolls. Whats people lookup in this blog: How To Do Makeup Like A Bratz Doll 3,852 Likes, 50 Comments - KristinaKaspi (@kristinakaspi) on Instagram: Bratz challenge! Do I look like this doll? Super big lips! Super big eyes! ⠀ Bratz челлендж! post doll pics here! do begoths look like bratz? handing out promo cards... Well, since we are all killing time until our dolls arrive, anyone have any new doll pics to post? i am hoping to take the time this week to post some new arty shots of my newest dolls! Does anyone else hand out the postcards? I have a few places where i know that i can leave a huge stack and they are usually gone.

DOLLED UP: A woman has spent almost £2k on lip fillers that make her look like a Bratz doll (Image: Jam Press) Kylie Jenner is famous for her full pout - so it's not often you hear someone saying her lips are too small. Tamara Tulum believes the reality TV star doesn't have enough filler in her lips. Instead, she prefers the mouths of Bratz dolls. As bigger is better is her. See How One Artist Dramatically Changes Bratz Dolls to Look Like Real Girls. By Laura Stampler W hen examining a Bratz doll, you might notice the toy resembles a weirdly sexy lady-alien with. why do so many young girls want to look like a bratz doll or scene doll?!!? I am confused because these dolls have HUGE eyes and HUGE heads . . . ? ? ? ? they look like aliens to me lol!! why is this such a new trend among young teenage girls nowadays ? ? ? =/ Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favourite answer. it is ? thats dumb its like saying i wanna look like. Your right she does look like a bratz doll :) 2 0. Nik. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. No! A Bratz doll looks much better than New York. New York looks like Lambchop! 1 0. Prof. Dave . Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Yeah maybe a little, she is still really sexy though I have to say at lest I think she is. But I can see where you get that from, lol. =) 0 0. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Lol...now that you mention it.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a Bratz doll — I had all of them and the movies, 19-year-old Natalie Martinez, who styled her face like one of the dolls, told Yahoo! Lifestyle BRATZ dolls raised controversy in the consumer world over their fundamental campaign, which advertises small bodied dolls with large anime-like eyes, giant full glossy lips, and tiny noses dressed in provocative (some may even say slutty) outfits whose main concern in life is shopping. The implications of their over-sexualized image and seemingly mundane aspirations had many critics. Do you dress like a low fee $2 hooker? If the respond is not any, then you certainly've gotten to invite them what they recommend via it. If I have been calling somebody a Bratz i might definately not be paying them a compliment

Feb 21, 2016 - Zara Larsson - I look like a bratz doll hahahaaaaa. Feb 21, 2016 - Zara Larsson - I look like a bratz doll hahahaaaaa. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Dismiss Visit. Saved from pikore.com. Save BIG with $9.99 .COMs from GoDaddy! March 2020. In case you're not up on the doll market these days, Bratz are the edgier, more grown-up alternative to the traditional Barbie doll.They wear lots of makeup, have killer accessories (like. My man said I look like a really cool BRATZ DOLL. That's all I ever wanted. 11w. dsgg_404. You look super young! 7w Reply. realestate.ed. I love that hairstyle on you. Make you look very young like 14. ️ ️ ️ . 7w 1 like Reply. 1noirbella15. Too cute!! 5w Reply. janiwaygore. Cute, quiero un peinado igual al tuyo 3w Reply. melgor512. You do look like a little teenager here. This Site Scans Your Face And Tells You What Celebrity You Look Like...Sort of. By Joseph Bernstein. Joseph Bernstein BuzzFeed News Reporter. Posted on November 4, 2014, at 12:41 p.m. ET Tweet Share Copy Face++ is high-end face recognition software built by the Chinese company Megvii. According to its website, it provides the cutting-edge technology of computer vision and data mining to. They never tried to push the idea that one Bratz doll was the smartest and prettiest (unlike Barbie who always had to be at the top of the social food chain). Bratz dolls were marketed as girls.

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Bratz Collector Doll - Yasmin, Multicolor (554660) 4.5 out of 5 stars 473. $53.31 $ 53. 31. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Other options New from $53.08. Ages: 6 - 17 years. MGA Bratz Catz Doll - Sasha. 4.8 out of 5 stars 6. $49.99 $ 49. 99. FREE Shipping. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Ages: 6 - 15 years. Bratz Collector Doll, Cloe, Multicolor. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Here's what the doll would look like in real life. Gene Kim and Benji Jones. 2019-06-07T20:00:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. An image of a chain link. It.

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  1. Look at fashion magazines and fashion blogs to see what's hot this season. Do your best to follow the latest trends while also staying true to your own sense of style and individuality -- that's what being a style icon is all about! Don't feel like you have to spend a ton of money on clothes just to be stylish. Find some clever ways around your.
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  3. Like her Bratz predecessor, Pinkie Cooper is a fashionista. She likes to hang out and travel with Ginger and Pepper -- two doll friends who are also part-human, part-pup -- and her pet dog L'il.

Dolls with huge heads, huge lips and huge eyes. Were probably created so we'd get used to freaks of a post-holocaust. Have very slutty clothes, and what's more, are aimed at 8-11 year olds. They have a 'bratz babies'line aswell. They're a rip off of Barbie and are helping to make our children sexually promiscuous. Thank you, Bratz. Without you, we wouldn't have 11 year olds giving birth and. Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world, securely and privately show content to your friends and family, or blog the photos and videos you take with a cameraphone SAMOSIIII (@samosiiii) has created a short video on TikTok with music Freak by Doja Cat. On soundcloud. | I look like bratz doll lol ️ #fy You don't have to do this, but you will be more like Jade if you do. When she is in her fashion clothes, she wears tight trousers, blue hair extensions, high heels, mini-dresses, leopard stilettos (they have laces which reach halfway up your leg) and tons of stuff like that!! In her closet, she has her plain clothes, but she also has a button which opens into her fashion closet It was, frankly, just like any other fashion doll. On the quality front, Bratz had ditched the expensive Japanese saran hair of the original dolls for a cheaper material in the last line. We.

In 2015, she was referred to as the Queen Bee of the group on the official Bratz account on Facebook. Her catchphrase in the TV series is Come on/let's move, people, reflecting her unofficial leader status. Appearance. Sasha is of Black heritage, as her skin is dark brown and it sometimes looks like it is deeply tanned. Her hair is long and. The tweet has been liked nearly 16,000 times and received comments like, God it looks like a real person is trapped inside, as well as countless other equally horrified reactions: https. People Are Doing Their Makeup Like 'Bratz Dolls' Bratz Doll fans are recreating iconic Bratz doll looks in real life using makeup, and they are killing it. By Kelli Catana Feb 12, 2019. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. If you were a child of the early aughts, you probably owned at least one Bratz doll. Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin were the original Bratz dolls and were a must have for any. I love looking like a doll and all that stuff and playing dress up, but when I'm home, sweat pants, t-shirt. When I'm in the studio, sweat pants, t-shirt. Nicki Minaj. Love Home Hate Dress. I do myself up kind of like a doll. I have a doll collection and I look at their outfits and kind of imitate them. Taylor Momsen . Myself Look Like Kind. I always loved putting on shows - when you're the. Aug 2, 2017 - 2,319 Likes, 41 Comments - maddie carina (@maddiecarina) on Instagram: tried to make myself look like a bratz doll while taking inspo from another @milk1422 face chart⭐

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Welcome to the What Ethnicity Do I Look Like Quiz! If you are wondering which of the ethnic groups you look like the most, then this quiz is definitely for you to get your answer! The result of the quiz might surprise you. However, you should take this quiz to know whether you are an American or Russian or an Indian. All the best Subject: RE: Bratz Christmas Ideas. Soren, I have asked you kindly to stop writing. Our next logical step is legal action. For your own sake, please stop sending your ideas. You do not work for this MGA Entertainment. We have no record of you ever working for MGA Entertainment. We do not want to use any of your suggestions. Do not write again My Scene was an American series of fashion dolls created by Mattel in 2002. Mattel's Barbie character is one of the dolls in the My Scene line, and the My Scene dolls have slim bodies similar to earlier Barbie dolls, but with larger heads. The New York Times described their features as exaggerated lips and bulging, makeup-caked eyes. My Scene were designed to appeal to the tween market and. Historians like to say that the first celebrity doll was actually the Venus of Willendorf because the ancient figure was supposed to mimic a goddess. Today, many collectible dolls in demand are celebrity dolls modeled after singers, actors, and dancers. You'll find vintage dolls that look like singers Cher, Dean Martin, Dolly Parton, and Marilyn Monroe, for example. There are even celebrity. • Textile glue (if you like to use it for eyes) Gauge: 8 stitches x 8 rows in 1 square inch not important if you are creating doll for fun. Required if you are looking to reach similar size to Bratz doll. Abbreviations: R - round Sc - single crochet St(s) - stitch(es) Ch - chain Inc - increase, made by making 2 single crochets in one stitch Dec - decrease, one stitch made out of.

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Like every American, I have been inundated in recent weeks with prompts from social media apps urging me to locate my nearest polling station, messages from celebrities telling me to vote but rarely for whom, and face masks that may prevent the spread of Covid-19, but do not muzzle their wearer's passive activism, which has migrated from front lawn signs to faces, the word vote. Unlike other types of fashionable dolls, Bratz dolls are made to emulate current fashion trends among young girls, usually depicting different trend types for each individual doll character. Although the commercial line has many different clothing options from which to choose, you can also make your own doll clothes. You might want to make clothes that suit the style your child likes, or. The Bratz Dolls controversy has always been discussed in parenting forums. You may ask why is that so. Depending on who you ask, these Bratz dolls are like the greatest and coolest dolls ever or they are odd looking dolls with huge eyes, wearing skimpy clothes. Those dolls, equipped with their popular passion for fashion being demonstrated through micro miniskirts and sexy tops are being.

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Looking like a bratz doll. Davina Lyn King — Looking like a bratz doll. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Davina Lyn King volleyball and lacrose // born in portugal, raised in vegas Posts; Archive; Looking like a bratz doll. Jun 26, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by enie. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres While the world goes deeper into individuality, there are some people who do their best to look like real-life dolls. They spend a pocketful of money on plastic surgery, they put on extravagant makeup, and they gloss over every pic to look like true Barbies and Kens. We at Bright Side decided to get you acquainted with these doll-people. Their amazing appearances will surely not leave you cold If you would like to get this look, make sure to check out my tutorial on how to achieve this awesome look. You are welcome to use any makeup or facepaint products you have. I was using what I have in my makeup kit. You do not have to use what I am using, but rather what you have. Bratz Doll Makeup Tutorial. This Bratz Doll Makeup Tutorial is not a hard look to recreate. If you do recreate it. 2017-apr-26 - Zara Larsson - I look like a bratz doll hahahaaaaa. 2017-apr-26 - Zara Larsson - I look like a bratz doll hahahaaaaa. Upptäck. Art. Photography. Photography Subjects. Funny Height Challenge Pictures. . Sparad från pikore.com. Save BIG with $9.99 .COMs from GoDaddy! Get your own corner of the Web for less! Register a new .COM for just $9.99 for the first year and get everything.

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Barbie looked normal compared to these girls.. Now, as it turns out, your Bratz dolls were more realistic than we thought.. People have started to realise that Kylie Jenner, the queen of beauty, actually looks like a real-life Bratz doll and honestly, we get where they're coming from.. She's also my only Bratz doll as they don't look that appealing to me, but after this little face up I'm starting to think they don't look that bad. Bratz Katia, Original face I actually do like her eyes, it's just that awful lip paint which seems to have chipped anyway (she's been stroraged in a very rude way just stacked in a box with other stuff Watch this 키핑 업 위드 카다시안 video, Kendall Jenner Thinks Kylie Looks Like a Bratz Doll, on 팬팝 and browse other 키핑 업 위드 카다시안 videos I'd explain how it is that anyone could look at either a Barbie or a Bratz doll and not find it freakish, except that such an explanation is beyond me. As a pull-string Barbie knockoff once told.

I'm in awe of people who can make a person look like a person or a dog like a dog, people who can draw noses that look like noses and eyes that look like eyes, let alone anything else. Artists with immense talent take my breath away. Lots of folks feel that way, I think, given the attention that the #stylechallenge on Instagram is getting. Autumn Massaquoi. The task force's report questioned the sexualized clothing the dolls wear, like miniskirts, fishnet stockings, and feather boas. In 1999, as also noted by Insider, Disney released a Tarzan doll that some people thought looked like it was masturbating. The doll made a jungle call sound and moved its arm up and down They came dressed in a killer wardrobe, which looked like a Nasty Gal collection had ended up in the drier by mistake, hence its size. Think: Honey I Shrunk The Influencer, that's what Bratz dolls. BRATZ is based on the Bratz doll line. The Bratz in the show are best friends who tell each other I am so here for you! and Tell me what's wrong, Pretty Princess. They attend Stiles High School and work on a fashion magazine outside of school. Continue reading Show less. Is it any good? Bratz are the modern-day Barbie dolls whose vampy appearance has upset many parents seeking healthy role.

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2018/12/20 - 591 Likes, 35 Comments - Katie Stevens (@katieleighstevens) on Instagram: Freshman year of highschool some girls bullied me and said I looked like a Bratz Doll Bac The legend of Peggy, of course, holds that to look upon Peggy is to court danger; according to her owner, paranormal investigator Jayne Harris, the doll has caused physical ailments like nausea. Lana Del Rey Totally Looks Like This Bratz Doll - Stuff That Looks Like Other Stuf

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After a two-year hiatus, the Bratz dolls are back! The new relaunch still features the Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha dolls from your childhood, but this time, they have a new friend named Raya Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Barbie First appearance March 9, 1959 ; 61 years ago (1959-03-09) Created by Ruth Handler In-universe information Full name Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Bratz came out with fantasy lines like Mermaidz, Masquarade, and even the Psst We're Taller line that were 10in like Barbie. I tapped out around this part as they had lost their edginess and Bratz faded away again. In 2015 Bratz relaunched in a big way. They completely rebranded and created new Bratz with a totally new look. They looked more. Jan 21, 2020 - Best Broccoli Apple Salad - Chew Out Loud #fashionkilla Sorry I look like a Bratz doll - #Bratz #doll Best Broccoli Apple Salad - Chew Out Loud #fashionkilla Sorry I look like a Bratz doll - #Bratz #doll Bratz dolls were introduced to the market in 2001 when they became a sensation among those that love doll collecting. The distinct Bratz characteristics made these dolls stand out from the others produced up until then. Although production of the dolls has slowed down, Bratz dolls and accessories are still sought after and sold through eBay

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